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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shirt Dress

My sister, Angie, had seen a blog with a tutorial for a kid's dress made from a man's dress shirt. We decided to attempt it. It was pretty easy, and I think it turned out well. We actually ended up making two in a couple of hours.

Lily modeling the second dress (yes, this is the best shot I could get):


The first dress we made:

Here is the link to the original tutorial, in case you want to make your own:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Animal ABCs

This is a book that I made for my nephew, Ryker. It is the third one I have made now! I think they turned out really cute. I got the initial idea from the Cricut messageboard (of course), and then made it my own. The pages are laminated, and then the animals are attached to the pages with velcro, so he can pull them off and mix and match. Lily has a book, and she loves to pull them all out and then match them back up. I bound the book with my bind-it-all.

The book, A to Z:

This is the picture showing the animals taken off the velcro: