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Friday, September 26, 2008

My mom's serger

So, I haven't been doing too many crafty thing lately, besides working on the Halloween costume (definitely NOT the easy pattern I thought it would be), but my mom is letting me borrow her serger, which is fun because it makes such nice edges. I have only ever used it in the safe confines of her sewing room, and if there has ever been a problem, my mom has come to the rescue. She wasn't here long enough to show me how to use it, but it is amazing what instructions and time can do. In only a little under an hour (yikes!) I figured out how to thread, and got it working. I was quite proud of myself. I can envision many projects with this. It's just a question of how long I get to "borrow" it for!

*I did make a card for my nephew's birthday, but since it turned out so horribly, I didn't bother to take a picture.


The Barber Bunch said...

What is the costume you are working on?

Char said...

Bryan bought me one for my birthday a couple of years ago and I LOVE it. Have fun!